Throughout its history, MaxCare has valued independent community pharmacies. Many of our staff members come from a community pharmacy background, and our direct contracted pharmacy network emphasizes independent pharmacies.

Here are several reasons we value community pharmacies.

Supporting small businesses

Community pharmacies are often family-owned businesses that have been passed down through generations. But even those who are part of a small pharmacy group are still small businesses, rather than a multi-billion dollar company headquartered in a different state.

Community pharmacies also have more flexibility in how they make decisions, because they’re not answering to corporate stakeholders. That ability to make independent decisions often translates to better customer service overall.

Keeping dollars in the local community

The shop small movement is about keeping more of your money in your local community and helping to create jobs. By choosing a community pharmacy, you support a local small business and keep a higher percentage of your money in your community.

Many community pharmacies also support their local community through volunteering, contributing to local charities, or participating in health fairs and educational events. It’s a great opportunity to connect!

Embracing more personalized care

Community pharmacies often have a slightly different approach to patient relationships than many of the larger retail chains. You’re not just a patient ID number at a community pharmacy — you’re a person. And community pharmacies take the time to know you as a person, not just as a patient.

That personal relationship can equate to better patient care, too. Community pharmacists often take more time to answer questions, and knowing what’s going on in your life can help them better serve you. Some may even offer prescription delivery for patients who need or want it.

At MaxCare, we’re proud to support community pharmacies and their approach to quality patient care and customer service.