Uncover the Secret to Smarter, More Affordable Prescription Medications

Has it ever crossed your mind that your prescription medication could be the amalgamation of several drugs? Often, this blend escalates the cost compared to buying individual components. This is true for many combination products, compound kits, and certain high-priced dermatologic items, causing an unexpected rise in your overall pharmacy benefit expenses. But, don't worry! With MaxCare's innovative approach, the days of paying more for compound medications will soon be a thing of the past.

Understanding the Hidden Cost

Not all costs are upfront and clear. Your prescription medications might be packaged as single products, masking the fact that they are indeed compound products.

Assessing Clinical Evidence

The published clinical evidence echoes our sentiment, questioning their cost-effectiveness. With MaxCare, you can be assured that you're paying the right price for the right medication.

Introducing SmartBlock: Your Solution to Cost-Effective Pharmacy Benefits

Tired of unnecessary expenditure on high-cost prescriptions? Meet SmartBlock, our unique and simple answer to your woes. SmartBlock takes aim at specific expensive products, the components of which can be separately bought for less, or even compounded for a minimal fee at a local pharmacy. Our team of clinical pharmacists have carefully developed this approach, consistently updating it to cover new drugs that meet this criterion.

Maximizing Pharmacy Benefits

At MaxCare, we stand by the philosophy that your money should be channeled most effectively to maximize the pharmacy benefits for your members. We tirelessly track pricing trends, crafting solutions to ensure you get the best value while caring for your employees' health.

Reviewing Clinical Evidence

In addition to the significantly higher cost, published clinical evidence has failed to demonstrate that many combinations and compound kits work better than the individual products. You could be paying a much higher price for something that offers minimal or no advantage over lower-cost products available individually.

Reducing Unnecessary Costs

MaxCare's SmartBlock is an innovative solution targeting high-cost products with cheaper alternatives or composite medications. Continually updated by our clinical pharmacists, it ensures affordable access to new market drugs.

Discover the Power of SmartBlock

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