Specialty Medication Assistance

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When it comes to treating most conditions, there’s a wide range of prescription medications from which to choose. However, when a patient is prescribed a specialty medication, it may be the only drug available to effectively treat that patient’s specific need.

There are often significant costs associated with specialty medications, both for the patient and the employer. Specialty medications are forecasted to account for 50% of drug spending but only 1-2% of total prescriptions by 2023.

Our MaxProtect Specialty Assistance Program is designed to help your employees get the specialty medications they need while decreasing the plan’s exposure to their high costs. We help connect the patient to the manufacturer’s assistance program by verifying their eligibility and enrolling them in the relevant programs. We’ll even re-enroll patients when needed, so they continue receiving assistance from the manufacturer to cover the cost of these drugs.

This solution brings about a 35% average reduction in specialty plan costs. Participating members experience an annual average savings of $950, accompanied by a typical 15% decrease in the overall plan cost.

Protect your healthcare budget as required by your company's health plan

MaxProtect is designed to ensure the most cost-effective and appropriate use of specialty medications.

Protect your employees' health with access to necessary specialty medications

MaxProtect provides access to necessary specialty medications while minimizing the cost burden on your employees and your plan.

A product that adapts to your needs

MaxProtect is a flexible program designed to meet the specific needs of your employees and your healthcare budget.


Solutions for employers and plan sponsors

MaxProtect offers a comprehensive approach to managing the cost of specialty medications, ensuring that your employees have access to the treatments they need while controlling your healthcare spending.


Includes proactive management of specialty medication costs

With MaxProtect, you’re not just reacting to the cost of specialty medications. Our program proactively manages these costs by connecting eligible patients with manufacturer assistance programs.


Provides support for your employees' healthcare needs

MaxProtect doesn’t just reduce costs – it also supports the health and well-being of your employees by ensuring they have access to necessary specialty medications.

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