Clinical Services

Unlock the Power of Customized Pharmacy Benefit Management

We provide diverse pharmacy benefit structures tailored to each client's unique needs. Our MaxCareRx team works closely with you.

Our clinical management services prioritize employee health along with cost control. We align healthcare solutions with national guidelines and clinical evidence.

First-line therapies? We ensure our treatments align with nationally accepted care standards, securing your family's future.

clinical services

Standard Recommendations

Our programs align with national treatment guidelines and published clinical evidence. We ensure that recommended first-line therapies adhere to nationally accepted standards of care.

Prior Authorization and Step Therapy Program

Many traditional medications on the market have a lower-cost alternative. These programs ensure patients try lower-cost medications first to manage costs effectively.

Quantity Limit Program

This program ensures that dispensed quantities do not exceed manufacturer recommended doses for a given period, such as two per day or six per month, promoting safe medication use.


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clinical services