Community Focused, Cost-Conscious
Pharmacy Benefit Manager

Empowering members, ensuring affordability, and driving healthcare innovation.

The MaxCare Difference

We’re a different kind of pharmacy benefit manager

Member Focused:

MaxCare empowers better health, happiness, and productivity, paving the way for stronger, more profitable companies. Our approach enhances hiring and retention through superior employee benefits.

National Footprint, Local Philosophy:

Our members are our focus, which is why we champion local, community pharmacies. We firmly believe community pharmacies offer unmatched service and support for optimal health outcomes.

True Transparency:

Unlike traditional PBMs, we're a true pass-through model, with no revenue from hidden streams or spread pricing. Our revenue solely comes from plan administration, which helps us control overall pharmacy costs.

Shared Data and Analytics:

We empower our partners with virtual real-time, claim-level, and member-level data insights. This enables effective management of pharmacy benefits. After all, it's your data, your members, and your money.

No Pharmacy Ownership:

We don’t own mail or specialty pharmacy services. Our non-exclusive specialty pharmacy arrangements offer flexibility, with no obligations for clients to purchase medications from us.

Enhanced Member Support:

We facilitate copay and patient assistance solutions for our members, driving significant annual savings and improved adherence. Our dedication lies in supporting our members every step of the way.

Discover the MaxCare Advantage

We champion a consultative approach, partnering with employers to effectively manage their pharmacy benefit plans. We customize and administer your plan to suit your specific needs. In the face of continually rising drug prices, our proactive and tailored solutions are key to controlling prescription costs.

Chief Executive Officer of MaxCare

SR. VP - Operations at MaxCare

MaxCare: Your Partner in Optimizing Pharmacy Benefits

Whether you’re an employer, benefits advisors, or PBM consultant, MaxCare is dedicated to providing a unique, transparent, and efficient pharmacy benefit experience.


Assess your current plan and explore the savings you could achieve with MaxCare. Experience a new standard in our industry, characterized by unmatched personal service and exceptional value.


By forming partnerships with a diverse range of benefits advisors and TPAs, our goal is to revolutionize the pharmacy benefit experience. We adhere to the highest level of transparency, offering exceptional customer service.


More than a vendor, MaxCare aims to be a trusted partner. We comprehend the value of your clients' benefits, employees, and finances, and our aim is to assist you in providing enhanced value to them.

We offer dependable, consistent pharmacy solutions to partners of all scales, catering to groups as intimate as 100 members and as vast as 10,000 members. Our promise? Effective solutions, easy-to-understand plans, and contracts that always keep the members in focus, no matter the scale.

Flexible Solutions Driven by Cost Containment

We deliver adaptable pharmacy benefit solutions to fit organizations of all sizes. Our unyielding commitment to cost containment ensures sustainable health outcomes and maximum value for our members.

Clinical Services

Cost-Efficient, evidence-based, personalized care solutions


Empowering patients, ensuring affordability in prescription drug selection


Automatically detecting and controlling high-cost combination drug expenses


Bridging the gap between specialty medications and affordability

Tri-Fold PBM Excellence: Our Vision Unveiled


Provide the most efficient and cost-effective treatment for members with the highest possible member adherence to high-cost medications.


Achieve enhanced member engagement which we feel will result in the reduction of overall health spend while improving employees’ health, their quality of life and work productivity.


Deliver the lowest overall pharmacy cost for the plan and our members.

Discover the MaxCare Difference

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