Transparent Pharmacy Benefits

We’re a different kind of pharmacy benefit manager driven by cost clarity and innovation. We deliver transparency, accountability, and customer service to help self-insured employers manage their pharmacy benefit.

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Could you be saving more money on your prescription benefit plan?

Probably. At MaxCare, we can analyze your current plan and show you the savings you’ll experience with us. Plus, we offer value and personal service that’s unmatched in our industry.

Brokers & TPAs

Are you looking for a PBM that offers true transparency?

MaxCare partners with many brokers and TPAs to deliver a different kind of pharmacy benefit experience. We’re serious about transparency and deliver exceptional customer service.

PBM Consultants

Interested in adding us to your list of approved PBMs?

We’re consistently ranked as a top choice by a third-party PBM audit firm because of our strong focus on transparency, accountability, and customer service. Experience the MaxCare difference today.

In 2022, we were able to save $2.15 million for a 12,000 life group on specialty claims alone.

About a 9% increase in savings over the previous year.


We offer a consultative approach to helping employers manage their pharmacy benefit plan, and we’ll design and administer your plan the way you want. With the continual rise of many drug prices, a proactive approach and customized solutions are critical to controlling prescription costs.

Why MaxCare?

MaxCare is a truly transparent PBM offering unmatched flexibility to create the plan that works best for you and your employees. Our team’s extensive pharmacy experience helps you care for your employees while also controlling costs, and our collaborative team structure results in quick decisions when questions arise.

If you’re looking for a PBM partner that can balance the flexibility and personal touch of a small company with the cutting-edge technology and scalability of a large one, MaxCare is the answer.

Client Testimonial

We believe that the local independent pharmacies are really key to providing good healthcare for our participants. MaxCare has a very good relationship and focuses a lot of attention on the local independent pharmacist. We just feel like that fits really well with our theme as a cooperative and partnering with those in our community.

David Post

VP of Human Resources, Pioneer Telephone Cooperative