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A Consultative Approach

Since our founding in 1985, we've held a firm commitment to providing top-tier pharmacy benefits for companies all over the United States. Our mission is to be your reliable partner in managing healthcare costs and ensuring the wellbeing of your employees.

True Transparency

Transparency isn't just a buzzword for us - it's a fundamental principle we live by in the PBM world. As a pass-through PBM, MaxCare truly embraces transparency at every step. We offer you complete visibility into your plan, including our contracts with pharmacy providers and our rebate contracts. With us, you will always understand what you're paying for.

Guaranteed High-End Services &
Transparent Communication

At MaxCare, we not only guarantee high-quality services, but also transparent communication. We believe in fostering trust with our clients, and part of that is keeping you informed and involved.

Group Health Insurance for
Companies & Organizations

We offer group health insurance tailored to the specific needs of companies and organizations. Our flexible plans are designed to provide comprehensive coverage while managing costs effectively.

Pharmacies in Our Network
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Our Pharmacy Network

We value outstanding customer service and that's mirrored in our nationwide network of 67,000 pharmacies. No matter where your employees are, they're covered. Throughout our history, we've recognized the personalized care that community pharmacies offer, and that’s a cornerstone of our pharmacy network. We also provide flexibility with pharmacy access and prescription formularies, adjusting as needed to fit each company's unique needs.

Clearly Defined Solutions

It’s important to understand the vital roles that prescribed medications play in an individual’s overall health. And then the domino effect of improper adherence to prescribed medications (many times due to cost) not only in additional cost on the medical side but in diminished health for the member.

Think about an iceberg. There’s so much more going on below the surface than cannot be seen unless the water is extraordinarily clear. That’s who we are at MaxCare. We bring concerns and challenges that are often below the surface into clear view and provide solutions.

We provide a truly transparent and completely pass-through model. We receive zero revenue from spread pricing or hidden revenue streams. Our sole source of revenue is based on plan administration which allows us to manage and minimize the overall pharmacy cost to the Plan. Our compensation is based solely on Plan Management and Enhanced Member Support.

We are continuously seeking and evaluating additional solutions in order to maximize member adherence (especially in high-cost brand and specialty medications) while we minimize overall pharmacy cost to both our members and the plan.

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