What we offer

Flexible Solutions Driven by Cost Containment

At MaxCare, we aim to ensure our customers receive the most cost-effective and efficient treatment possible. We achieve this through a variety of specialized services designed to address every aspect of pharmaceutical care, from clinical services to member support.

Clinical Services

Our Clinical Services offer a comprehensive, flexible approach, focusing on member needs and cost containment. We provide solutions that result in significant savings by ensuring the appropriate medication is given at the right cost. With the MaxCare Difference, we achieve average combined savings of over 30%, with many cases eliminating out-of-pocket costs for members.


SmartBlock identifies high-cost combination prescriptions, replacing them with cost-effective alternatives, reducing pharmacy benefit costs. Continually updated, it accommodates emerging medications.


MaxChoice Reference Price Program addresses the variability in prescription drug pricing. Focusing on categories with similar, cost-effective alternatives, it empowers patients with medication choice, while alleviating plan expenses.


MaxProtect aids employees in securing vital specialty medications while curbing plan expenses. We verify patient eligibility for manufacturers' assistance programs, handle enrollment, and ensure continued support.

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