Our clinical services team helps our clients and their members in many ways every single day. They keep an eye on your plan and look for opportunities to better serve your members and save you money.

By combining the extensive pharmacy experience of our clinical services team with our unwavering commitment to transparency and accountability, we offer a level of service unmatched in the industry. We also offer innovative programs to help you further control pharmacy benefit costs.

Here are three specific ways our clinical services team helps our clients.

Ensuring members are taking the right medications

One of the things our clinical services team reviews is appropriate use of medications. About 40% of medications are prescribed for non-FDA approved use, which could mean you’re paying a higher cost for a medication that’s not clinically proven to treat the issue. When we evaluate your plan, we look at whether the medications being prescribed are really the right medications and make recommendations for potential changes.

Reducing unnecessary costs through clinical review

There are a variety of drugs available to treat most conditions. While newer drugs often cost more, that doesn’t mean they’re more effective. Older drugs have a clinical history proving their effectiveness, and they often cost less.

There are also some combinations of drugs or compound kits that are sold at a higher price than if the same medications were purchased separately. Our clinical services programs can help with identifying these cost-savings opportunities for your company and making plan adjustments where needed.

Managing specialty drugs with extra care

In some cases, a specialty drug is the only option available to treat a condition. Specialty medications are forecasted to account for 50% of drug spending but only 1-2% of total prescriptions by 2020. When specialty drugs are needed, enrolling members in the manufacturer’s assistance program can help to reduce both their cost and yours.

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