As a pharmacy benefits manager, there are three primary types of customers we serve: employers, brokers and third party administrators, and PBM consultants. Each of these three customers can play a role in ensuring transparency in healthcare with the choices they make when it comes to their total benefits package.


Self-funded employers are the largest group of customers we serve, and we help companies of all different sizes design the best pharmacy benefits plan for their needs. These employers have switched to a self-insured (also known as self-funded) model to take control of their healthcare costs. They want to ensure that employees are taken care of while also being aware of total healthcare costs.

In many cases, employers may not realize they have a choice when it comes to their pharmacy benefits plan, especially if they are new to the self-funded market. The traditional healthcare market often leaves employers with few choices, and employers might not think to ask about options for their pharmacy benefits manager when first entering the self-funded market.

Brokers and Third Party Administrators

Brokers and third party administrators (TPAs) help companies put together their overall healthcare plan. There are many who focus on the traditional healthcare market and others who focus more on the self-funded market. Some offer both options to employers.

Not all brokers or TPAs are the right fit for MaxCare. We specifically focus on brokers and TPAs who value transparency, accountability, and customer service as much as we do to help deliver cost clarity for their clients.

PBM Consultants

PBM consultants account for the smallest group of customers we serve, but they still receive the same commitment to customer service and support. PBM consultants help companies evaluate their options for PBMs specifically and choose the best fit for their needs. Just as with employers and brokers, we believe in true transparency and can provide PBM consultants and their clients with all details necessary to fully understand the costs of a MaxCare prescription benefits plan.

If you fall into any of these three groups and are interested in discussing your prescription benefits plan, contact MaxCare today to start the conversation.