Employers in the self-insured market are looking to control their healthcare costs while still taking care of their employees. And that requires finding partners they can trust for everything from major medical procedures to primary care needs and prescription benefits.

Unfortunately, many companies still don’t realize they can choose their own prescriptions benefit manager, nor do they realize the impact their prescription benefits can have on their total healthcare costs.

At MaxCare, we have three key pillars that we focus on to ensure we’re delivering the best possible pharmacy benefit services to our clients and their employees each and every day.


We believe in true transparency, and we’ll prove it by showing you all of the contracts related to your prescription plan. That means prescription contracts, rebate details, and how the claims processing works. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for and why, and we’ll spend as much time as you like answering questions so you truly understand your plan.


We want to help our clients take care of their employees, and that means holding ourselves to a high standard of accountability. It’s your plan, and we’ll partner with you to administer it the way you want. We use our team’s extensive pharmacy experience combined with our data analytics to help you understand your healthcare data and make the right decisions for you. If we make a recommendation that doesn’t work out for your company, we’ll own that and make the necessary adjustments.

Customer Service

We’re proud to say that our commitment to customer service truly goes above and beyond. Each of our clients has a dedicated account representative. If you have a question about your plan, you call or email that one person, not an 800 number where you might get passed around from one department to the next. If they don’t know the answer immediately, they’ll find the answer and get back to you quickly. We’re a collaborative and flexible team who works hard to provide the best possible customer service, and it shows.

If you’re confused about your self-insured pharmacy benefit or frustrated about how your account is managed, contact us to experience the MaxCare difference today.