Like any medication, specialty medications have specific dosage and timing requirements to maximize their effectiveness. The cost of taking them incorrectly can be much higher than standard medications, both for the patient and the employer providing the prescription benefit plan, as specialty medications are much more expensive.

MaxCare offers a personalized medication management program to help patients who need complex and costly medications better manage their care. We believe in taking a comprehensive approach to educating patients and integrating different components of care. That includes working with their doctor’s office, their pharmacy, and other health services the patient may be using to ensure effective use of the prescribed medication.

Prior to the start of treatment, our team reaches out to the patient’s doctor to confirm the scope of treatment and what follow-up appointments or labs may be needed during treatment. We then proactively contact the patient at multiple points during their treatment. These calls are designed to remind the patient to take their medication as prescribed and help answer any questions they might have about the medication or any side effects they’re experiencing. It’s also a reminder to keep any follow-up appointments with their doctor or any appointments for lab work to monitor their condition.

The frequency of outreach to the patient or the patient’s doctor will vary based on the condition being treated and the medication being prescribed, but outreach will occur before, during, and after treatment. It’s one more way we can help care for patients who are using a MaxCare prescription benefit and ensure they receive the best possible outcome from the prescribed medication therapy.

This approach also helps reduce the cost to the employer by ensuring patients complete their medication treatment, which helps avoid the cost of additional treatment or starting over on the originally prescribed treatment due to missed doses or other interruptions to treatment.

If your business wants to save money on prescription costs while ensuring employees are taken care of, reach out to MaxCare today to talk about this and other programs that can help.