This year has been a challenging one for many small businesses across the country. We’ve always supported community pharmacies, and our commitment continues as we look ahead to next year.

Our nationwide network includes 67,000 pharmacies to ensure employees using our prescription benefit services are covered wherever they go. Now, we’re looking to enhance the outstanding customer service and patient care provided through that network by offering additional patient centered services.

All too often, people build a relationship with their doctor but simply view their pharmacy pickup as a single transaction. But your pharmacist is a critical member of your healthcare team! In our experience, creating a relationship with a pharmacist of a local community pharmacy is much easier than at larger chain pharmacies with higher volumes and bigger teams.

As we look at ways to add value for our customers and their employees, we’re launching a new service model to help ensure members of our prescription plans make full use of these services offered through community pharmacies. That includes more in-depth consultations and education on new prescriptions, plus services that help improve compliance with taking prescriptions as prescribed, which is important for getting the full benefit of any medication. This deeper level of support might also mean only filling a week’s worth of a new prescription to ensure the patient doesn’t encounter any side effects.

If you’ve never personally used a community pharmacy, we encourage you to go visit or call your local community pharmacy and learn more about the services they provide. While some community pharmacies may be owned by an ownership group outside the community, many are family-run small businesses that have been in the community for decades. By choosing a community pharmacy, you’re supporting a small business and keeping more of your money in the local community.

As we near the end of a challenging year for small business, we’re excited to add value for our members while also supporting local community pharmacies. We hope you’ll join us in this effort to support local business and experience the outstanding patient services available at your local community pharmacy.