Some consultants and brokers focus on the traditional healthcare market, while others focus more on self-funded solutions. Some, of course, focus on a mix of the two depending on client needs.

We work closely with independent consultants and brokers who share our values of transparency, accountability, and customer service and who are working to deliver cost clarity for their clients. Here’s how we help them better serve their clients and deliver cost-effective, flexible, and transparent pharmacy benefit solutions.

PBM Contract Review and Recommendations

We can review (at no cost) your client’s current PBM contracts so everyone can better understand what they’re paying for and what opportunities might exist to control costs or add value. We want to make you the hero for your clients by helping you identify any hidden costs, so your client has greater clarity around their current pharmacy spend and contract terms.

Providing Innovative and Customizable Benefit Solutions

We have a lot of tools and solutions available when it comes to customizing pharmacy benefits and helping clients control cost while still providing for their employees. Ultimately, it’s your client’s pharmacy plan, and we’ll administer it the way they want. We take an educational approach to the plan design process to make sure your clients understand exactly what they’re paying for, plus we bring flexibility and customization to the table to meet each client’s unique needs.

Quick and Nimble

One of our strongest attributes is our ability to adapt and make adjustments and plan changes quickly. Our teams work collaboratively at all levels, so when changes need to be made, our team is quick to respond. If your client wants to make a change to the plan design, we’ll dive into what’s not working and provide recommendations and new ideas. That is not a level of flexibility or customer service that you can expect or receive from most PBMs these days.

If you’re an insurance consultant or broker who values transparency and customer service, reach out to us today and let us share with you why we may be a great PBM option for your client.