Things change rapidly in the healthcare industry, and that’s especially true for prescription medications, which account for a significant portion of any company’s healthcare benefits spend. To ensure you’re taking care of employees while also managing costs, you need a PBM who is responsive and flexible.

These three questions can help you assess if your current PBM is the right fit for your company.

Who answers the phone when you call?

Customer service is important when it comes to managing your pharmacy benefit. When you call to clarify something about your plan or resolve an issue, who answers the phone? All too often, you’re dialing an 800 number and getting passed from one department to the next if you have multiple questions or aren’t sure who to ask.

At MaxCare, all clients have a dedicated account services representative who serves as the primary point of contact. If a question comes up that they can’t immediately answer, they will find the right person, get the answer, and then get back to you directly.

How quickly is a question or concern handled?

A lot of factors go into how quickly a PBM can handle a question or concern, including size, company structure, and overall approach to customer service. MaxCare is built for efficiency when it comes to handling our client’s questions or concerns. Our teams work closely and collaboratively, and that means a much faster response time when you have questions.

What happens when you ask for changes to the plan?

Some PBMs take more of a one-size-fits-all approach to their prescription benefits plans and don’t offer a lot of customization based on individual client needs. At MaxCare, we create plans based on the client’s unique needs and their data and then administer the plan the way they choose. When changes need to be made, we bring our team together to explore all the options and make recommendations, and we partner with our clients to implement any changes. We’re also proactive in sharing usage and spend data to help our clients make informed decisions about their prescription benefits plan.

If you’ve found yourself passed around on the phone or waiting weeks or months for answers to questions from your PBM, perhaps it’s time to explore other options. MaxCare’s commitment to customer service applies to every single client, whether large or small. Contact us today to talk more about your needs and how we may be able to help.