Pharmacy benefits are a significant portion of any company’s total healthcare costs, which can make it tempting to choose a pharmacy benefits manager based on cost alone. But there’s more to a successful PBM relationship than simply price. How a company approaches account management, collaboration, and customer service matters too.

Here are four ways we deliver more for our clients.

Personalized service

Each of our clients has a dedicated account manager, which isn’t typically the case at many PBMs after the initial onboarding period. At MaxCare, you keep your single point of contact always. They get to know you and what matters to your company, and they make personalized recommendations based on that knowledge to help you better manage your pharmacy benefit.

Collaborative team environment

We don’t believe in silos. Our team works closely together every day to deliver on the promises we make to our clients. If you call us with a couple of questions, you’re not going to get passed from one department to another and waste a bunch of time waiting on hold. We’ll listen to your questions and then gather the necessary team members together to get you an answer. The same goes for implementing your new pharmacy benefit – it’s a true team effort!

Quick decisions

We like to say that an executive decision is never more than a couple of doors away. When issues come up that require discussion at the highest levels, we handle those situations quickly so you and your employees aren’t waiting on answers. And when it comes to questions about your health, that’s really important.

Streamlined scalability

We strive to be as efficient as possible in everything we do so we can serve companies of many sizes and still deliver the same personalized service. Our strong focus on streamlining our systems and leveraging technology allows us to easily scale up to provide data analytics, clinical services, and outstanding customer service to every client regardless of size.

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