Accountability is one of our key values at MaxCare, right alongside transparency and customer service. Accountability in prescription benefit plans includes multiple levels, from the drug manufacturers all the way to the employee using the plan. We all must be responsible for our actions and how our decisions can impact other people, and we commit to that in three key areas.

Accountability to our clients

We work closely with each client to assess their needs as a company and the healthcare needs of the employees and their families. Then we design a prescription benefits plan that’s customized to meet those needs. As we work with company leaders, we show them the contracts and help them understand every aspect of what they’re paying for, as prescription benefits are one of the biggest healthcare costs for employers. Our commitment to accountability continues as we administer the plan and answer any questions along the way, which includes having a dedicated account representative and a commitment to resolving any questions or concerns quickly through our collaborative approach.

Accountability to plan members

Once the prescription benefit plan is in place, we provide materials for the employees (plan members) so they understand what’s covered and what’s not covered. We also help educate them on any plan options that may be in place to give them more choices regarding the medications they take and or help them with specialty medications or complex treatment plans. When employees have questions about their coverage, our customer service team is ready to answer them.

Accountability to the industry

We believe that the self-funded insurance model will continue to grow, and we take our role as a transparent pass-through pharmacy benefits manager seriously. We operate with transparency and accountability in all we do, and we encourage others in our industry to do the same. As prescription costs continue to rise, it’s imperative that we as an industry remain accountable to each other and to those we serve.

Accountability, transparency, and customer service aren’t just words at MaxCare. These values are embedded in our company and championed in how we operate every single day to serve our clients and their employees.