What Does it Mean to be a Pharmacy-Focused PBM?

MaxCare Rx strives to make it easy for each plan member to work with the pharmacy of their choice. As we fulfill our role as a customer-focused PBM (pharmacy benefits manager), we also strive to be a pharmacy-focused PBM because the right pharmacy relationships lead to better outcomes for plan members.

Our clients and their employees are the most important people we serve. MaxCare is proud to be a different kind of PBM, and our consultative approach includes customer service, transparency, and accountability. Our focus on true transparency means that our clients will always know exactly what they are paying for and why it is important, which can also help them design their pharmacy benefit plan to best meet their employees’ needs.

Our focus on independent pharmacies

Our top priority since being founded in 1985 has always been to provide outstanding customer service. These values align with independent pharmacies that offer personalized care to plan members.

Community pharmacies often have a consistent relationship with their patients, who are more likely to ask questions, follow instructions, and seek help from these trusted pharmacists. The positive impact of these relationships can increase the overall level of care and improve the health of plan members.

When a plan member has an ongoing relationship with their pharmacist and can ask questions, get support, and better understand the medications they are taking, they’re more likely to take those medications. When prescribed medications are taken regularly, the cost savings extend beyond the pharmacy benefit. The plan member and plan provider will likely see reduced costs across the board in their healthcare spend because that specific disease is being well managed by medication.

Our appreciation and respect for the impact that community pharmacies have on people’s health means that we will always have a place for them in our pharmacy network. Our pharmacy network includes 67,000 locations with pharmacies of all sizes for the convenience of our plan members, and we encourage members to try their local community pharmacy to experience the difference.

The MaxCare difference

Being a pharmacy-focused PBM also helps us be a customer-focused PBM. Our goal is always to provide prescription benefit plan options for our customers that will allow them to work with the pharmacists they prefer to get the medications they need.

The cost of prescription healthcare coverage for employees is a significant portion of an employer’s healthcare benefit spend. Our mission is to offer flexible, customizable coverage options that allow our customers to tailor their prescription benefit plan to meet the needs of their employees while also helping control their healthcare costs.

We’d love to answer any questions you have about the MaxCare difference. Contact us today!

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