RxEvolution℠ Chronic Condition Management Program

What is RxEvolution℠?

RxEvolution℠ by MaxCare is a chronic condition management program that provides support to plan sponsors and their members in managing chronic illnesses like diabetes, asthma, COPD, hypertension, behavioral health, opioid management, and more.

RxEvolution℠ is designed to help plan members manage their chronic health condition and provides access to a valuable resource, their community pharmacist. The program not only improves the member’s quality of life, but it can also greatly reduce the risk of future complications and decrease the overall medical cost for the member and the plan sponsor.

When you choose MaxCare as your pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), we work as strategic partners with local community pharmacist to better manage overall medical spend and improve the health, quality of life, and work productivity of your employees.

With over 67,000 pharmacies in our network, we proudly work with pharmacists of all types and sizes to provide our members with convenient benefit access. The personal relationship developed in community pharmacy settings can equate to enhanced member engagement and better patient care, which can translate to a lower overall cost to the plan holder and its members.

RxEvolution℠ and community pharmacies

Community pharmacies often have a different approach to patient relationships than many larger retail chains. You are more than a patient ID number to your community pharmacy, and they take the time to know and understand you and your needs. Many times, the community pharmacy and their team have known their patients and the patients’ families for years.

Patients with chronic conditions often see their pharmacist more often than they see their doctor, and they have established a rapport and a trusting relationship. This is an asset to the patient in managing chronic health issues. Patients who do not properly manage their health issues often require urgent or emergency care which can be costly to both the patient/plan member and the plan sponsor.

Managing diabetes with RxEvolution℠

Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. If not properly managed, diabetes can be an expensive chronic condition impacting many aspects of a person’s life, including increasing their risk of heart disease, kidney disease, vision loss, and lower-limb amputations.

November is American Diabetes Month and a great time to increase awareness about this program that encourages pharmacies and members to work together to set and achieve healthcare goals. An example of a RxEvolution℠ program benefit could be educating and assisting a member with a plan to regularly monitor their blood sugar and how to resolve low blood sugar by keeping juice, glucose tablets, or other quick sugar sources readily available to avoid an emergency medical situation.

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