With MaxCare, the Benefits are Clear

When you implement a prescription benefit plan, you want to have confidence that your plan is going to provide great care and great value. But in the past few years, prescription drug plans have become confusing. Most plans look alike, and with fluctuating drug prices, rebates, and administrative fees to consider, it is difficult to tell where your costs are coming from. Unclear definitions and hidden costs make it tough to choose the best plan.

MaxCare is putting value and personal service back into prescription benefit plans. For over twenty years, we have emphasized quality over quantity. And with a business philosophy based on presenting clear choices without hidden costs, we’re uniquely positioned to innovate the industry, raise the ethics, and make sure your plan works for you.

Your prescription benefits plan is an important part of the benefits you offer to your members. Do not settle for ambiguous information, hidden costs, or a one-size-fits-all plan.

MaxCare offers:

  • Cost clarity
  • Open dialogue
  • Plan choices
  • Member satisfaction
  • Innovation of the industry

Together, we’ll create a benefit plan that truly meets your needs and the needs of your members. You will have confidence in your investment and your our members will have a benefits plan they know that they can trust.

To learn more about how MaxCare is innovating the prescriptions benefits industry we welcome your call at (800) 259-7765.